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Massage Therapy

Swedish Massage (60/90 min)


Melt the stress away and free your body of all tension. A

relaxing massage using long effleurage strokes and gentle

pressure. Perfect for “first timers”.

Deep Tissue Massage (60/90 min)


This therapeutic massage is great for targeting specific

areas of tension, relieving chronic pain and increasing

range of motion. A must for highly active individuals to

release stubborn knots and to remove built up toxins from

the body.

Desert Hot Stone Massage (75 min)


This Native American treatment combining traditional

Swedish massage with warm stone therapy is particularly

helpful for poor circulation. Beautifully smooth, heated

river stones glide over your skin warming muscle tissue to

quickly relieve tension and induce day-dreaming deep


Sports Massage (60 min)


Our trained therapists apply slow deep pressure across the

muscle grain, and combine customized techniques of

gentle mobilization, stretching, and pressure point

massage to ease and restore function to muscles and

joints. This method is a beneficial way to prepare for and

recover from physical activity.

DermaMiracle Signature Massage (90 min)


Release tension and unwind with this perfect combination

of Swedish, deep tissue and sports massage. The use of

hot towels and bio-freeze gel will help you stay on top of

your game by helping with sore and damaged muscles

leaving you feeling balanced and relieved.

“Little Miracle” Pre-& Postnatal Massage (60/90 min)


(To receive a pre-natal massage, you must be past your

first trimester)

Pregnancy is a time of extra stress on the joints, including

lower back pain, neck and shoulder tension. A prenatal

massage is an important part of the health regimen of any

Mother to be.

After you’ve delivered, distended muscles can be more

quickly returned to their normal state with postnatal


Reflexology (30/60 min)


Uses pressure point massage on the feet to balance energy

throughout the body. Helps to eliminate toxins, relax the

body and stimulate the healthy function of internal organs

Massage Upgrade

Hot Oil Scalp Treatment $20

Hot Stone $20

Aromatherapy $20

Soleology $20